PhD Courses

The PhD Sociology Program is significantly research-oriented. It comprises of 18-credit hours course work. In addition to course work it will be compulsory for the students to enroll fieldwork, seminar and dissertation after the completion of course work. This program is for three to seven years. The QAU Islamabad rules and regulations will be followed for the admission and examination (as given in the Quaid-i-Azam University Calendar 2012 pages 243-264). The course distribution is as below:

Scheme of Study

CoursesCredit Hours
Core courses:12
Optional courses:6

Duration of Programme

Three years with six semesters (one year course work and two year research) and not exceeding seven years

Admission criteria

  • M.Phil Sociology plus departmental admission test and interview (70% for test and 30% Marks) and PhD rules and regulations of the Quaid-i-Azam University.

Requirements of Programme

    • 18 credit hours courses will be offered to the PhD students from the above mentioned list core and optional courses. However, no repetition of courses will be allowed. The course code of Dissertation will be SOC-699.
  • List of Optional courses of M.Phil Sociology and PhD Sociology is the same. However, those students who will register in a course in M.Phil Sociology will not be allowed to repeat in PhD Sociology. He/ she will study from the remaining list of the optional courses.

Semester Breakup

 Semester 1Semester 2Semester 3 & onward
Core courses:20Field Work and Thesis
Optional courses:13Field Work and Thesis

PhD Sociology Core Courses

S. No.Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
1SOC-625Philosophy of Social Sciences03
2SOC-626Sociology of Development: Issues and Debate03
3SOC-699PhD Dissertation

PhD Sociology Optional Courses

S. No.Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
1.SOC-606Peace and Conflict Studies03
2.SOC-607Sociology of Migration03
3.SOC-608Sociology of Transportation and Road Safety03
4.SOC-609Sociology of Human Rights03
5.SOC-610Sociology of Population03
6.SOC-611Sociology of Urbanization03
7.SOC-612Sociology of Rural Development03
8.SOC-613Sociology of Mass Communication03
9.SOC-614Environmental Sociology03
10.SOC-615Social Stratification and Justice System03
11.SOC-616Penology and Re-socialization03
13.SOC-618Governance and Public Policy03
14.SOC-619Political Sociology03
15.SOC-620Project Development and Evaluation03
16.SOC-621Sociology of Corporate Social Responsibility03
17.SOC-622Social History03
18.SOC-623Medical Sociology and Public Health03
19.SOC- 624Socio-Economic and Environmental Impact Assessment03