MSc Courses

The program offers 60 credit hours courses work and field research for the completion of the Master degree in Sociology from the Quaid-i-Azam University. A student is required to take 12 compulsory courses of 36 credit hours and a compulsory field work, Thesis and written comprehensive examination compulsory courses of 09 credit hours. In addition to the above mentioned two categories of the courses students will also take 15 credit hours courses from the given list of optional courses. The details of the courses are given below.

Scheme of Study

CoursesNumber of CoursesCredit Hours
Compulsory Courses: 09 courses27
Optional Courses: 09 courses27
Field Work & Thesis:Field work before 4th semester and Thesis have to submit in final semester. 06

Compulsory Courses

Corse No.Course Titles Credit Hours
Soc: 300Introduction to Sociology 3
Soc: 301Classical & Contemporary Sociological Theories 3
Soc: 302Sociological Research Methods3
Soc: 303Social Demography 3
Soc: 304Deviance and Criminology 3
Soc: 305Applied Statistics3
Soc: 306Application of Computer in Sociology3
Soc: 307Social Psychology3
Soc: 308Social Change and Development3

Optional Courses

Corse No.Course Titles Credit Hours
Soc: 309Pakistani Society and Culture 3
Soc: 310Sociology of Religion3
Soc: 311Sociology of Globalization 3
Soc: 312Sociology of Peace and Conflict3
Soc: 313Human Resource Management3
Soc: 314 Rural Sociology3
Soc: 315 Urban Sociology3
Soc: 316 Sociology of Knowledge and Education 3
Soc: 317 Social Issues of Pakistan3
Soc: 318 Industrial Sociology3
Soc: 319 Sociology of Family & Kinship 3
Soc: 320 Gender Issues 3
Soc: 321 Sociology of Health and Medicine3
Soc- 325 Sociology of Child Rights3
Soc- 327Sociology of Change 3
Soc- 331Internship3

Field Work & Thesis

Soc: 322Field work & Thesis6