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(1). Book

Zaman, Muhammad. 2011. Exchange Marriages in South Punjab, Pakistan: A Sociological Analysis of Kinship Structure, Agency, and Symbolic Culture. Frankfurt (M)/ Berlin: Peter Lang Verlag.

(II). Chapters In Books

Zaman, Muhammad and Monika Wohlrab-Sahr.2010. Obstructed individualization and social anomie: Marriage relations in rural Pakistan and their relevance for an empirically grounded theory of individualization conflicts. Pp 155-176 in Individualisierungen. Ein Vierteljahrhundert „jenseits von Stand und Klasse“. Edited by Berger, Peter A./Hitzler, Ronald. Wiesbaden: VS.
Zaman, Muhammad. N. Zaman, Jadwiga Królikowska. 2011. Islamic Concept of Charity and Social Security: Formation of Moral Economy. False Promises of Multi- culturalism. Edited by Jadwiga Królikowska: Warsaw. University of Warsaw.

(III). Research Articles

Zaman, Muhammad. 2008. Socio-cultural Security, Emotions and Exchange Marriages in an Agrarian Community. South Asia Research. Vol. 28(3): 285-298.
Zaman, Muhammad, Bakht Rawan, Syed Abdul Siraj (co-author). 2008. BBC as a diasporic mass medium or an agent of public diplomacy: Users’ perceptions in Pakistan and Germany. Global Media Journal. Available online: Reprinted in the Journal of Political Studies. Vol. XVII:167-179 (2010)
Zaman, Muhammad. (2010). Marriage of Cousins: Congenital Diseases and People’s Perception in Pakistan, a Public Health Challenge. Journal of Public Health Policy. Vol. 31(3):381-383.
Zaman, Muhammad. 2011. Social Movements, Conflicts and Rise of Extremism in Pakistan. PRACE IPSiR UW. Vol. 17: 155-173.
Zaman, Muhammad. (2011). Methodological Gravitism. The Qualitative Report. Vol. 16 (6): 1574-1598.
Zaman, Muhammad. 2011. A Brief History of Penal Cultures in Pakistan: Interplay of Tradition and Modernity. PRACE IPSiR UW. Vol. 18: 7-24.
Zaman, Muhammad. (Forth coming). Impact of Exchange Marriage on Children in Pakistan: Social Security or Insecurity. (In press)
Zaman. Muhammad. (Forth coming). Family Conflict Management in Pakistan. (in press).
Zaman, Muhammad. (Forth coming). Exchange Marriages in a Community of Pakistan: Adequate Social Exchange. (in Press).